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 Alethus mage

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PostSubject: Alethus mage   Sun Oct 21, 2007 1:29 pm

Name: Steve
Age: 21
Country: Sweden

Your character
Name: Alethus
Race: Gnome
Class: Mage
Talent spec: curently pvp specced couse i have no guild. 17/0/44
Level: 70
/played with a screenie

How much do you play avarage every day: around 5-8 hours. saturday sunday i play all day
Do you own the account: Ofc
Can you play between 18:30-23:00 gametime: Yes i can very nice time for me.
How many nights in the week can you play: i can play 6-7 nights most of the time

If u cant manage to play atleast 3 nights a week, dont bother to apply to Dies Irae

Character information
Karazan attuned: Yes
Professions: Just changed so havent leveld em yet =(
Link your character here from armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Mazrigos&n=Alethus

Technical information
Internetconnection: 2mb will have 100/100 soon
Computer: 3.2 p4, 4096mb ddrram. Ati radeon x 1950 pro
Ventrilo 2.1.3 installed: yes
Headset with a mic. a + if u can talk. kos sb45 + mic

Do you have any friend in the guild that know you or can voyer for you: hope Daergoth will =)
Do you have any experience with the guild or the members: No not with this guild
Wich was your last guild you where member in and why did you leave it: havent played with this chara so much for a long time, since NSB. Was in NES with my rogue, got kicked couse i stoped play wow, lost Work and GF, got a new GF that playes wow now and she brought me back to this =) love her for that.
Why should we accept you to Dies Irae: Couse im a highly acctive player and loves to raid, got alot of raiding experience and i can be a very funny guy imo =)
What do you get out of joining Dies Irae: The spirit of a nice progressing guild, dont wanna go back to the old farming instances before Karazhan and progressing back to places i allready have been on. Want a nice and higly rated guild.
Can you afford to use flasks/pots/food on every boss tryes: ofc i can, thats what raiding is about
What do u think of learning new bosses with endless whipes one night just to getting know the boss: Think its the best way to learn a new encounter, i love it. Most fun is when you wipe over and over on a boss then finaly gets him down, everyone gets so happy then =).

I have experience from whole ssc and 2 first bosses in TK. Heard that you are seartching for a mage, and im very interested to join you. For those that dont know me as alethus maybe know me from the name Dexxa. tho i only play on alethus now. /kisses from a friend Wink
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Alethus mage
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