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 X-Fer! Resto Shaman!

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PostSubject: X-Fer! Resto Shaman!   Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:47 am

Personal information
Name: Alexander
Age: 21
Country: Norway
about you: well im a wow geek,played wow for like a 4 years now,Im working on a Factory called REC Scanwafer, as a Welder,i play fotball and i am intressted in Guns (old)

Your character :
Name : Niburu
Race :Draenei
Class : Shaman
Talent spec : now I am Resto, got gear for all spec, (21 T6)
/played with a screenie
Since im applying now and my char in on the way over to Mazrigos i cant take SS but il will glady show it later i could pm some of you guys ingame

How much do you play avarage every day about 5-7 hours
Do you own the account : OFC! will provide with ID if you like..
Can you play between 18:30-23:00 gametime : Hell yeah,best time Smile
How many nights in the week can you play : Almost every night.if im not working overtime :O

If u cant manage to play atleast 3 nights a week, dont bother to apply to Dies Irae

Character information
Instance Experience (how far in each?) Pre TBC and TBC : done up to Cthun preb tbc on my warrior! (lvl 65 now ) and Killed Muru on Tbc \o/

Professions : Ench 375 LW: 375 (LW for Drums only)
Link your character here from armory

Technical information
Internetconnection : 16mbit
Computer :AMD athlon x2 duel core 6000. 4k Ram,
Do you have a reliable connection? Best connection ever:)
Ventrilo 2.1.3 installed, yeah,got all VT
Headset with a mic. a + if u can talk : got both Smile and i could Talk Wink

Do you have any friend in the guild that know you or can voyer for you.
No i dont have any,but i hope il will get.
Do you have any experience with the guild or the members.
Since im Xfer im sry I dont have.
Wich was your last guild you where member in and why did you leave it.
Paparazzi! they have cleard Sunwell and the is alot of drama and alot of ppl are leaving the guild,so me and my Friend IRL diside yo leave and tranfer to Mazrigos.
Why should we accept you to Dies Irae.
becuse im cute and and very kind Razz and il will make sure that ppl wont die in raids Smile (or do my best )
What do you get out of joining Dies Irae.
Well since Wotlk is almost here, there gonna be a speed run to get to lvl 80 and get good gear and etc, so since Dies Irae,i the guild with more respect on the server maybe they will respect me to..
Can you afford to use flasks/pots/food on every boss tryes.
im doing 100% in raids, there is alot of gold in WOW so just spend it Razz
What do u think of learning new bosses with endless whipes one night just to getting know the boss.
That's what it think is most fun about wow,learning new tacs and stuff (and ofc kill new boss.)
Are you ready for being prepared to read tactic on every boss that your not experinced with, doing it all the time to learn the best way and fastest way to take down a boss Smile
False or True? Seven ducks,
four dogs and three cats have a total of Forty legs. False ?;O

Well that's all for me, Thx for you time reading this and have a great day.

Regards Alex.
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PostSubject: Re: X-Fer! Resto Shaman!   Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:59 pm

lol! wut

well as far as I'm aware this guild died long ago and now basicly exists as a guild for friends that doesn't raid... not sure if they're planning on a wotlk nabcake raid guild behind my back though!

Always sign on the sign page even when you can't come!


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X-Fer! Resto Shaman!
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