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 frostgun lvl 70 hunter

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PostSubject: frostgun lvl 70 hunter   Fri May 23, 2008 4:28 pm

Personal information
Name Manos
Age 23
Country Greece
about you:i am studying at this moment

Your character
Name Frostgun
Race Dwarf
Class Hunter
Talent bm/mm
/played with a screenie no screenie (169 days total/86 at 70)

How much do you play avarage every day:5-6
Do you own the account:yes
Can you play between 18:30-23:00 gametime :yes except from tuesday and thursday
How many nights in the week can you play:4

If u cant manage to play atleast 3 nights a week, dont bother to apply to Dies Irae

Character information
Instance Experience (how far in each?) Pre TBC and TBC:bwl(clear) mc (clear) aq 40 (till huhura) naxrammas (razuvious)..TBC: grrul kara ssc (clear with dl) tk(2) hyjal (third forth with you) but i know the tactics
Professions mining/engee
Link your character here from armory

Technical information
Internetconnection adsl
Computer enough for raid
Do you have a reliable connection? yes
Ventrilo 2.1.3 installed:yes
Headset with a mic. a + if u can talk: no mic

Do you have any friend in the guild that know you or can voyer for you: zagnapain
Do you have any experience with the guild or the members:yes
Wich was your last guild you where member in and why did you leave it:phalanx (screw ups in magtheridon which i got the blame for..
Why should we accept you to Dies Irae:cause i am cool i am sexy and dwarf
What do you get out of joining Dies Irae:new content experience fun and decent raid "D
Can you afford to use flasks/pots/food on every boss tryes:yes
What do u think of learning new bosses with endless whipes one night just to getting know the boss:np with that
Are you ready for being prepared to read tactic on every boss that your not experinced with:yes
False or True? Seven ducks, four dogs and three cats have a total of Forty legs. lol! false it's one extra duck...
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PostSubject: Re: frostgun lvl 70 hunter   Fri May 23, 2008 7:58 pm

Armory down i noticed!
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PostSubject: Re: frostgun lvl 70 hunter   Thu May 29, 2008 11:06 pm

We have taken a summer break and i dont think there will be much raiding after summer either.

Ty for showing intrest in Džes Irae and GL to find another guild.

/Teazz officer of Džes Irae
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PostSubject: Re: frostgun lvl 70 hunter   

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frostgun lvl 70 hunter
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